Sometimes in our lives, the going gets a little .. well hard. You feel as if everywhere you go a big fat elephant looms merely a few steps behind. It follows you everywhere– consuming your thoughts, your day, taking up unnecessary space in your life. We know that the elephant is there, yet we choose not to address it because maybe secretly we are the reason that it stays. Maybe secretly we long for it’s presence– it’s presence provides us with comfort because that elephant gives off a sense of familiarity in amidst this chaos we call life.

Happiness use to be something that came easy for me. It was easy to turn the other way; to gently ask negativity to go away and know when to leave that elephant behind– for good. This journey i decided to take 2 years ago is not exactly something I regret yet it has lost some appeal for me. But within that emotion, I too am conflicted. Do I feel less passionate because the going is tough? Am I so sleep deprived that I just feel less joy overall? Or worse case scenario– my love affair with optometry has officially come to an end?

I don’t really know the answer to those questions. But one thing i know for sure– it is time to let the elephant go– scream EUREKA and charge toward the finish line. I wasn’t born a quitter, it’s not in my genetic workup– I was just born with an immense curiosity for all things intangible, the yearning for/to change and most of all– excitement and that vivacious energy. To live this life not stuck in a box — to live free and soak up all the beautiful things this world has to offer. 

And yes, that vivacious energy. That’s what I want back.